Horse Riding Equipment

Horse Riding Equipment Maidstone

Horse Riding Equipment Maidstone

Horse Riding is an activity that dates back to ancient bible times. Most armies of note and therefore nations of note, had a large supply of horses. The number of horses often spoke of the capabilities of any countries military force and world power. For example, the chariots of Egypt, would have been nothing without the horse to draw it. These impressive armies therefore, were nothing without the power and grace of a horse. Thankfully, now there are many ways to bridle and utilise the beauty of a horses ability and potential, other than using a chariot. The equipment needed to take care of a horse during riding and to aid the riding of a horse is very extensive, as this is an art and craft all of its own.

A horse riding saddle for example, has to fit and conform comfortably to the shape and contours of a horse. Through the years this has been achieved by using materials such as leather, cowhide, or other types of animal skins. The main strength found in a horse riding saddle is in the saddle tree, which gives the rider good support, helps disperse the weight of the rider, and helps the rider maintain their balance. Each of the components of a horse riding saddle, is crafted to a particular standard, thus ensuring it can do its job effectively. Therefore, finding a shop that stocks, supplies and sells good quality horse riding equipment is a basic requirement and necessity of horse riding. In Maidstone, Kent, there is a shop that can supply and provide for all of your horses needs.

There are many other pieces of riding equipment that make up the needs of Equestrianism, that is otherwise known as horse riding. There are bridles and reins, stirrups and collars, leads and saddle cloths. These are just some of the equipment needed for the horse.

What about the rider? Safety is the main reason and necessity for some, if not all of the riding equipment provided in todays equestrian market. Riding helmets are just one example of this. Some items, are considered for comfort as well as for the protection of you and your horse. For instance, horse riding boots provide comfort from rubbing for you and your animal. Birchalls, of Maidstone Kent, supply all riding equipment and clothing.

In Maidstone, Kent, you can find all of the equipment supplies you need to carry out your hobby of horse riding. Birchalls have been supplying horse riding equipment to the UK and area of Maidstone Kent since eighteen ninety seven. This means that they have an excellent knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation of shop assistants and management, ensuring that you can not only expect to have all of your needs met, but you can expect to get excellent quality at the best price available. Birchalls supply the best products, whether for the care and keeping of your animal, or for the horse riding itself.