Horse Riding Accessories Kent

Horse Riding Accessories Kent

As a keen rider, whether for fun, competitively, or just giving your beloved horse stretch of the legs, a trot and a jump around a field, you’ll know the importance of high-quality accessories. Not only do you want to look your best, but feel comfortable - and give your horse the level of comfort he or she deserves, too. So, if you are looking for the best horse riding accessories Kent has to offer, why not get in touch with us here at Birchalls The Riding Shop.

When we say we have everything the horse and rider needs, we mean it. As an established, family run business since 1897, we have seen all types of horse riding accessories come and go, and have a keen eye for the very best stock available. From the heart of our shop in Chart Sutton, we can provide the exceptional quality horse riding accessories for beginners and professionals alike, whether showjumpers, eventers, dressage riders or instructors.

Our range of accessories is vast, including everything you need to ride your horse safely and comfortably. Spurs, schooling whips, hunting whips - everything you can’t do without, and a lot more which you may not even know about - at excellent value prices.

We stock the very best horse riding brands, from Shires through to Charles Owen, and much more besides. Whether you are looking for a fine tooth comb to make your horse’s mane look perfect for a big show, or just need some insect repellent to keep the flies and midges away from your beloved pet, we have everything you need.

Our huge range of stick contains anything and everything you want to wear, including clothes to help you look your best, riding wear such as chaps and gaiters, and safety accessories such as reflective wear and protective hats and vests.

We make sure your horse is well looked after, too, with plenty of top selling brands and accessories available, including bridles and rein accessories, exercise rugs, fly masks and everything from head collars to horse boots. We also supply a vast range of feed and bedding accessories to our customer base here in the Pleasant View Garden Centre in Chart Sutton - and most products are available online, too.

So, whatever your horse riding accessory needs, we are here to help you find the perfect products for you, your horse, and even your stable. At Birchalls, our range includes everything you could possibly need as a serious competitor or junior rider. Our sizes ensure that no matter whether you have an enormous horse or the tiniest pony, we can always find the perfect fit.

Our expertise is renowned throughout the county - and in other parts of the country - and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Every team member is trained to the highest standards and shares the same knowledge and love of riding that you do. If you have any questions on any particular accessory, or just want to chat about getting advice from fellow horse riding enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can come in the store, give us a call, or just drop us an email - whatever suits you!