Horse Feed Kent

Horse Feed Kent

Caring for any animal, whether in a domestic or farm setting, can be extremely rewarding and fun. Seeing an animal thrive though care, or even seeing an animal feeling content with its surrounding adds to the joy of animal husbandry. Of course, regardless of what kind of animal you have in your care, whether as a pet or as part of a hobby or family business, it is largely recognised that you need to know the breed, the temperament and needs of your charge. After all you want to give them the best, because when all is said and done, they are your responsibility. And regarding the choice and duty of caring for a horse, you care about them personally.

One of the most common mistakes, when caring for any animal, is failing to check what they need to feed on, or what their dietary needs are. Horses especially need a very specific feed. Firstly a horse eats a large quantity of grass as its main staple. A horse will eat the equivalent in hay (grass) of up to 1-2 percent of its own body weight, per day. On top of this, you should ensure you feed your horse a supply of grain, in small quantities, evenly spaced throughout the day. Of course your horse will have different nutritional needs to that of another, and these requirements also depend on age, breed, and the time of year. But the fact still remains, that a horse requires a specific diet, in order to be healthy and thrive.

In Kent their is a one stop shop for all of your equestrian needs, including horse feed. Birchalls have been in business in Kent for over a century, and in one way or another have worked closely with riders and their needs, including clothing for rider and the everyday wear for the horse. Providing an exceptional service, Birchalls, The Riding Shop of Kent, can give you professional advice and support when helping you choose what feed to acquire for your horses regular needs.

The shop, situated in the county town of Kent, Maidstone, stock a huge choice of horse feed for you to choose from and order regularly. They can also supply you with all of the supplements to your horse feed that you could need, to help you focus and support the specific needs of your horse.

Other needs of horse and rider can be met using the online shop, or by visiting the shop in person. For example, apart from providing feed for your horse, we also stock and provide all of the equipment you could need to give your horse its regular feed and care routine such as hay net. Apart from the regular feed, Birchalls, of Kent, also stock a good range of tasty and healthy treats to feed your animal. For more information please go to and check out the choice of horse feed available in the shop as well as other items and products.